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Dark Life

November 2-16, 2014
Follow a team of scientists, technicians, and engineers from 11 different research institutions as they use the deep-sea submersible Alvin to obtain new insights into the functioning of deep-sea hydrothermal vent ecosystems.

Beaufort Gyre 2014

September - October 2014
Part of a long-term collaboration between researchers at WHOI and Fisheries and Oceans Canada at the Institute of Ocean Sciences to study the Beaufort Gyre in the western Arctic Ocean.

Return to Antikythera

September - October 2014
An international team applies the latest in oceanographic technology to exploring one of the richest and most famous shipwrecks in the Mediterranean.


Live from the seafloor September 18 - October 8
Transforming Remotely-conducted Research through Ethnography, Education & Rapidly Evolving Technologies

Palau Corals 2014

August 2014
An expedition to study environmental conditions on some of the most remote coral reefs in the Pacific

OSNAP Cruise Log

July 4 - 30, 2014
WHOI physical oceanographer Amy Bower leads the first U.S. cruise to deply instruments as part of  OSNAP (Overturning in the Subpolar North Atlantic Program).

Expedition to Dongsha Atoll

May 22 - June 26
Venture to a remote coral atoll in the South China Sea to study the interaction betweeen the reef ecosystem and the world's largest "internal waves."


Arctic Spring

May 2014
Explore life on and under the sea ice in a unique, multi-disciplinary expedition to the top of the world.

Kermadec Trench Expedition 2014

April 10 to May 20, 2014
Follow a team of scientists and engineers from seven different research institutions who will use HROV Nereus, a deep-diving remotely operated vehicle, to explore part of the Kermedec Trench, one of the deepest in world.

Alvin Science Verification Cruise

March 14 - 26, 2014
After a three-year upgrade, the submersible Alvin returns to service as a significantly improved, much enhanced scientific instrument. A series of dives in the Gulf of Mexico tested the capabilities of its science and other systems.