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Coconut Crab on a sandy beach. (Photo by Konrad Hughen, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)

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WHOI working to address ocean acidification; protect region’s vital shellfish industry

A new report addresses the impacts of ocean acidification in Massachusetts and New England coastal waters on the region’s vital seafood industry.

Deciphering the Impacts of a Changing Ocean on Scallop Fisheries

WHOI biologist Rubao Ji and colleagues, along with scientists from NOAA’s National Marine Fisheries Service and UMass Dartmouth, study the spatial distribution patterns of the scallop catch to help determine the effects of a changing climate on the industry

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From Oceanus Magazine

Invasive tunicates have shellfish farmers crying “foul”

As shellfish farmers struggle with invasive tunicate invasions, scientists are trying to gain insight into the thermal tolerances for these strange critters and determine where they might show up next

Microplastics in the Ocean – Separating Fact from Fiction

WHOI scientists weigh in on the state of marine microplastics science.

Do Microplastics in the Ocean Affect Scallops?

WHOI scientist Scott Gallager is making field observations and conducting lab experiments to explore the possible effects of microplastics in the ocean on marine organisms.

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