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Rob Walz works aboard his fishing vessel the Finast Kind II for the WHOI-CFRF Shelf Fleet Program. (Commercial Fisheries Research Foundation). (Daniel Cojanu, © Woods Hole Oceanographic)

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Ocean science into action

From collaborations with fishermen to whale-sensing smart cameras, these five solutions-based stories will give you hope in 2021

A checkup for the oceans reveals threats to human health

The health of the world’s ocean is in serious decline—and human health is suffering as a result. A comprehensive report from the Monaco Commission and co-authored by several WHOI researchers investigates the impacts of ocean pollution and recommends actions to safeguard human health.

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News Releases

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From Oceanus Magazine

Ocean data gives Northeast fishermen an edge against a warming ocean

Fishermen successfully brace against warm water wave from Gulf Stream, thanking greater access to data from the WHOI Shelf Fleet Program

Measuring the great migration

A bioacoustic mooring will use sound to help estimate life migrating in the ocean’s twilight zone as part of a new long-term observation network in the Atlantic

Understanding Ocean Changes

The story of a unique partnership between commercial fishermen and scientists.

Do Fishing Regulations Lead to More Accidents?

Fishermen have argued that regulations about when and where they can catch fish have caused more sinkings and fatal accidents at sea. But a new statistical analysis by Woods Hole…

In Tiny Ear Bones, the Life Story of a Giant Bluefin Tuna

The Atlantic bluefin tuna, Thunnus thynnus, is one of the fastest, most powerful and most beautiful of fish. It is also the most expensive. Highly prized by sushi connoisseurs, a single giant fish of 1,400 pounds may sell for $40,000. The tuna’s high price has led the fishery to the brink of collapse. In 1981,…