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Five ways to celebrate World Ocean Month

Whether you live on the coast or far from the ocean, World Ocean Month is a reminder that we’re all connected by water on this blue planet. So how exactly do you celebrate? We’ve got a few ideas for you!

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Uncharted waters

Uncharted Water

Our global ocean will change dramatically over the next few decades. What might it look like, and how will humans adapt?

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Ocean acidification gets a watchful eye in New England aquaculture ‘hot spot’


Shellfish aquaculture is thriving in New England, but future growth in the industry could be stunted as coastal waters in the region become more acidic. Researchers at WHOI have developed a way to link nutrient load reductions to improvements in the health of Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts, which may an important step toward cleaner and less acidic harbors in the Baystate.

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Seeing Green (crabs)

A close up of a green crab, ready to be hooked up to a heart monitoring system.

A scientist explores how one of the world’s most resilient invasive species has adapted to new environments

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Don Anderson, Holding Back Red Tide

JUNE 29, 2007

The ocean is teeming with plants, and most of them are good for marine animals and the planet as a whole. But as with anything in life, it […]

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