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WHOI Ambassadors

WHOI Ambassadors is an initiative aimed at broadening our recruitment efforts and creating a more equitable environment for all individuals interested in pursuing careers in marine science.

WHOI Ambassadors is open to all ranks at WHOI and compensates ambassadors for their participation. Applications for ambassadors open every May.

Program Objectives:

  • Broadening Outreach: The WHOI Ambassadors program aims to expand our outreach efforts to institutions that serve underrepresented groups in marine science, introducing students and researchers to the opportunities available at WHOI through dedicated 1:1 engagement and post visit follow-up.
  • Empowering Ambassadors: Current members of the WHOI community across all ranks are compensated to serve as WHOI Ambassadors and trained to share their unique insights with prospective students, staff, and researchers.
  • Highlighting Opportunities: WHOI Ambassadors showcase the exciting and impactful science conducted at WHOI and discuss the wide variety of career paths available in marine science.
  • Promoting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion efforts: WHOI Ambassadors can share their firsthand experience with our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) efforts and give prospective recruits a personal perspective of the environment at WHOI.

Responsibilities of WHOI Ambassadors:

  • Give on-site presentations to introduce the audience to WHOI and invite students to apply to our summer programs, graduate programs, and employment opportunities
  • Showcase the exciting science and engineering conducted at WHOI and the wide variety of career opportunities available in these fields
  • Showcase opportunities presented through the WHOI/MIT Joint Program
  • Discuss the environmental and societal value of a career in ocean science
  • Discuss WHOI’s DEI initiatives and goals, and share your own experiences and perspectives
  • Provide information and direct contact links for prospective employees, students, postdocs, and scientists
  • Follow up with with contacts established