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Room Naming Nomination Form

Criteria for Nominations

Candidates for consideration:
  • Representative of diverse and underrepresented backgrounds
  • Exemplifies/exemplified exceptional leadership, dedication, and involvement in their organization
  • May work or have worked at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution or another STEM-related organization
  • May serve or have served at any level at their respective organization
Nominated individuals can include ocean science researchers, engineers, administrators, marine operations personnel, policy experts, and any other people who significantly contributed to the advancement of ocean science and technology.
*Limited to two nominations per person.
*Please feel free to contact us at if you have questions about nomination criteria.

Candidate for Nomination

Who would you like to nominate?
(Note that the text provided will be presented verbatim during the selection process)
A short citation sentence which summarizes the essence of the individual’s contributions. (No more than 150 characters – including punctuation and spacing.)
One paragraph (up to 500 words) describing the contributions of the nominee to their field and/or science in general relevant to WHOI’s mission, and any insightful details about their benefit to the WHOI or science community, for example dedication to service, education, activism, improving processes, etc..

This paragraph must include a compelling discussion of how this individual exemplifies a traditionally under-represented group.
→ In this paragraph, please give examples of details such as: how this nominee is dedicated to their work as well as the quality of their work; how and to whom this nominee has served as a mentor; involvement in the ocean science and engineering community. How has/how did this person show(ed) sustained exceptional performance or representation of the WHOI spirit? Have they dedicated/did they dedicate themselves to make contributions to the personal and professional lives of others?
How do you know this person (or, when did you learn about them), and why would a room named in their honor be meaningful to you? (100 word limit)
Do you know of a quote, writing excerpt or saying by this nominee that is representative of their charisma, nature, or identity that is meaningful to you?
Please indicate this candidate's primary affiliation
Other comments relating to this nominee or nomination (100 word limit)

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