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Award Recipients

WHOI Presents Stommel Medal to California Oceanographer Russ Davis

One of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution’s most prestigious awards will be presented June 14, 2000 to Professor Russ E. Davis of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California at San Diego. Davis is being recognized for “his pioneering development of autonomous floats and their use to determine the ocean circulation.”

John Crossley Swallow

Dr. Swallow is perhaps best known in the ocean science community for the invention and development of the neutrally buoyant float, called the "Swallow float," in the 1950s and its applications to deep-water circulation studies. He used the float to identify the Deep Western Boundary Currents off New England that had been predicted by Henry Stommel, then went on to search for the predicted slow poleward return flow in the ocean interior.