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Room Naming


To exemplify the Institution’s continuing and growing commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, the Room Naming Working Group is charged with honoring the important contributions of under-represented groups through the naming of currently unnamed conference rooms at WHOI and the recommendation of visuals for those spaces, works that represent people of races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, gender identities, and abilities that have traditionally/historically been underrepresented.

Action Items

The Room Naming Working Group will be composed of members of the Workplace Climate Committee, Committee on Diversity and Inclusion, and Women’s Committee. This group has done/will:

  • Determine the number of rooms
  • Determine the location of the rooms
  • Define the criteria for nominations
  • Establish and conduct the nomination and selection processes
  • Recommend visuals for named rooms that honor nominees

Criteria for Nominations

Candidates for consideration:

  • Representative of diverse and underrepresented backgrounds
  • Exemplifies/exemplified exceptional leadership, dedication, and involvement in their organization
  • May work or have worked at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution or another STEM-related organization
  • May serve or have served at any level at their respective organization