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B.H. Ketchum Award Recipients

Dr. Don Anderson

May 10, 2017 - Biology Department
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Award Lecture: "The New England Red Tide: a retrospective and synthesis of Alexandrium bloom dynamics and ecology"

Dr. Candace Oviatt

October 14, 2015 - Coastal and Estuarine Ecology
Graduate School of Oceanography, University of Rhode Island
Award Lecture: The Goldilocks Decision: Managed Nitrogen Reduction in Narragansett Bay

Dr. James Cloern

April 2010 - Estuarine Ecology
United States Geological Survey
Award Lecture: Complex Phytoplankton Patterns Where Land Meets Sea

Dr. Richard Garvine

November 2007 - Physical Oceanography
University of Delaware

Dr. John Farrington

October 2003 - Chemistry
Vice President for Academic Programs and Dean
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Award Lecture: A Concoction of Oil, Water, Mussels, and Mud in the "Bathtub Ring"

Dr. Nancy Rabalais

January 2002 - Biology
Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium
Award Lecture: Mississippi River and Coastal Water Quality: Linking the Gulf of Mexico with the Continent

Dr. Willard Moore

June 1999 - Geology and Marine Science
University of South Carolina
Award Lecture: The Subterranean Estuary: An Unseen Component of the Coastal Ocean

Dr. Ronald Smith

November 1996 - Applied Mathematics
Loughborough University, UK
Award Lecture: Some Discharges are Better than Others: a theoretical approach to siting ocean outfalls

Dr. Christopher Martens

April 1995 - Coastal Biogeochemistry
University of North Carolina
Award Lecture: Biogeochemical Processes Controlling the Chemistry of Coastal Sediments

Dr. Scott Nixon

September 1992 - Coastal Ecology
University of Rhode Island
Award Lecture: Changing Nutrient Inputs and the History of Primary Productivity in Narragansett Bay

Dr. Daniel Lynch

September 1990 - Ocean Modelling
Dartmouth College
Award Lecture: The Computer Revolution and Ocean Sciences

Dr. William Boicourt

April 1989 - Physical Oceanography
University of Maryland
Award Lecture: Who will Preserve our Coastal Waters?

Dr. Alasdair McIntyre

June 1988 - Benthic Ecology
Aberdeen University (Emeritus)
Award Lecture: The Health of the Oceans

Dr. John S. Allen

October 1986 - Physical Oceanography
Oregon State University
Award Lecture: Large Scale Dynamics of the Coastal Ocean

Dr. Thomas H. Pearson

October 1985 - Benthic Ecology
Dunstaffnage Marine Research Laboratory
Oban Argyl, Scotland
Award Lecture: Environmental Quality Problems of the Ocean

Dr. Michael Moore

October 1985 - Biochemistry
Institute for Marine Environmental Research (IMER)
Plymouth, United Kingdom
Award Lecture: Subcellular Responses of Marine Organisms to Pollutant Stress

Prof. Edward D. Goldberg

April 1984 - Geochemistry
Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Award Lecture: Informational Needs for Waste Disposal