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About WHOI (pdf)

WHOI brings together the brightest minds in ocean science research and engineering to explore undiscovered areas, test new ideas, and develop innovative technologies to better understand and manage the ocean.

Welcome to Woods Hole (pdf)

Woods Hole, a village in the Town of Falmouth on the southwestern corner of Cape Cod, is a world center for marine, biomedical, and environmental science.

Places to Visit in Woods Hole (pdf)

Interesting places to visit in Woods Hole with location and hours of operation.

Vessels & Vehicles of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (pdf)

The brochure provides a glimpse of the principal vessels and vehicles operated—and sometimes built—by WHOI scientists, engineers, and crew members.

A Brief History of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (pdf)

At its founding in 1930 the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution joined an already thriving scientific community in the village of Woods Hole, Massachusetts.

Alvin: Past, Present, and Future (pdf)

Read more about Alvin's accomplishments, what it's like to dive in Alvin, and what's in store for the nation's hardest-working deep-sea submersible.

Research Vessel Knorr (pdf)

The WHOI ship that helped discover the RMS Titanic and hydrothermal vents. Learn about Knorr's history and accomplishments.

Climate Change (pdf)

Highlights of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) 2007 Report and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Research on the Ocean's Role on Climate Change

The Arctic and Climate Change (pdf)

Despite its remoteness, the Arctic Ocean is a critical and highly vulnerable component in the interconnected “machine” that regulates Earth’s climate.