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Classified Visits to WHOI

Provide an advance DoD visit authorization request. If you hold a security clearance through your organization, before your visit have your security office fax or mail a visit authorization request to the WHOI Security Office. Your security officer may also submit visit requests through the Joint Personnel Adjudication System (JPAS), SMO Code 888455. 

JPAS SMO Code: 888455
FAX : 508-457-2046
Mail: Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
           Security Office
           P.O. Box 32
           Woods Hole, MA 02543-0032

Questions? If you have any questions concerning visits to WHOI, or about other security matters, please contact the WHOI Security Office at (508) 289-2723 or email, security@whoi.edu.
FSO: Mary Ann Daher (508) 289-2723
Alternate FSO: Leman Hadway (508) 289-2723

Last updated: January 2, 2014