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Profiles & Interviews

Carin Ashjian

Arctic researcher returns home to a pandemic

May 28, 2020

Lessons on Small Space Living from a Submarine Pilot

May 13, 2020

After over 80 research trips and 380 deep-sea dives in submersible HOV Alvin, pilot Bruce Strickrott has learned a thing or two about living in confined spaces. Here are his tips on living a healthy life for all of us quarantined at home.

Mark Abbott

WHOI CEO on the connection between Human Health and Ocean Health

May 3, 2020

A conversation between Mark Abbott, President and Director of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, and Denver Frederick, the host of the Business of Giving.

Our Radioactive Ocean: Ken Buesseler

April 30, 2020

Ken Buesseler joins the hosts of Future Hindsight Podcast to talk about the safety of the Pacific Ocean, the natural occurrence of radioactivity in our environment, and a citizen scientist project for oceanic testing.

Aria Finkelstein crafts policy to help legislators manage the twilight zone

April 15, 2020

Aria Ritz Finkelstein began her career hoping to help craft laws for the management of natural resources on land, until a fateful sailboat convinced her to do it for the sea

carin ashjian

Imagining Home: scientist’s stay in the Arctic extended by coronavirus

April 13, 2020

WHOI biologist Carin Ashjian is aboard the icebreaker Polarstern in the Arctic as part of the year-long MOSAiC research expedition. She should be almost home by now. Instead, her stay has been extended by COVID19.


Podcast on The Naked Scientists: Microorganisms discovered under seabed

March 24, 2020

Scientists have discovered life in the deepest parts of the rock floor under the oceans – tiny microorganisms that live in the ‘lower oceanic crust’. Melanie Jans-Singh reports for The Naked Scientists.

Opening our eyes to the deep: Molly Curran

March 12, 2020

Molly Curran is a mechanical engineer in WHOI’s Deep Submergence Laboratory. She works on the design and operation of deep-sea robotic systems, including remotely operated vehicles, autonomous vehicles, and deep-sea samplers. She was the institution’s first pilot for Mesobot, WHOI’s latest autonomous robot designed to study the midwater realm known as the ocean twilight zone.

Shedding light on the deep, dark canyons of the Mid-Atlantic

February 19, 2020

WHOI biologist Tim Shank discusses the exploration of deep-sea canyons throughout the Mid-Atlantic Ocean and how ecosystems there can be managed sustainably in the face of climate change and increased human pressures.

The future of the ocean’s conveyor belt

February 19, 2020

WHOI scientist Young-Oh Kwon discusses the state of the AMOC—the crucial North Atlantic current that regulates our planet’s climate.