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Dr. Willard Moore

Billy Moore Receives Bostwick H. Kechum Award June 30

Volume 3, Number 1, June 1999
Coastal Research Newsletter Article

Willard (Billy) Moore is the 1999 recipient of the "Buck" Ketchum Award at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. Moore's outstanding contributions to our understanding of the coastal ocean through the study of radionuclides and his use of radium isotopes to study the fate of terrestrial run-off in the ocean have had broad impact across all of the oceanographic disciplines. His recent results suggesting a major or even dominant role of groundwater in the freshwater input to the coastal ocean is one of the most exciting new developments in coastal research. He is honored both for the legacy of his radium isotope work over his career and the exciting new ideas he has put forth on groundwater transport. Moore's Ketchum lecture is scheduled for June 30.