Portable Science Equipment


All scientific equipment will need to be securely tied down inside and out on deck. It is best to expect equipment to be subject to rough treatment from ship movement. This will keep expensive equipment from being broken and unusable for the cruise. Please contact the Captain or Marine Coordinator with any questions regarding the best way to secure your equipment.

When securing equipment to the aft and forward deck areas utilizing deck bolts, consideration must be given to the capacities of these bolt sockets. Unusual stress can damage the socket and surrounding hull causing unusual repairs and lost ship time. Please indicate well in advance if you have any operations that may involve unusual weights or forces to avoid damaging the vessel. The Marine Coordinator and Captain can assist you in helping determine these forces and ways to alleviate them. This will help with a safe operation and increase the life of the vessel.

Do not use duct tape or similar material to secure cables or equipment to interior bulkheads and cabinets. It leaves a gummy residue behind and can remove coatings off bulkheads and cabinets. A good alternative is “gaffers tape”.