R/V Tioga Permanent Science Equipment


BRAND NEW MAY 1, 2009 !!
Multi-corer MC 400 
4 ploycarbonate sample tubes at 10cm x 60cm and aluminum tube holders fitted with upper and lower doors,lead weight mold.

CTD -SBE9 plus CTD, 6800 m depth capability, 6800m pressure transducer.
one SBE3/SBE4 sensor set.

Benthos PSA-916 altimeter ranging 1 to 100 meters off bottom. SBE32 12-position pylon on rosette. Sample bottle size will be 8 or 10 liters. An SBE11plus Ver. 2 deckunit is provided in the science area, and is connected to a rackmount PC running SBE software (currently installed is version 5.30b acquisition as of 4/09/04). Users will be responsible for providing their own data processing of the CTD data, with their own PC connected to the network to access the CTD data acquired on the rackmount computer system.

CTD Winch - Markey Com-7X Compact CTD Winch -750 meters of 0.322 EM Cable
7.5 HP Electric Motor with spring-set auto-brake

ADCP - RDI 300 kHz Workhorse ADCP

SeaBird MicroTSG Thermosalinograph

Sea Water Flow through system (14 ½ gpm) Higher volumes possible with advance notice

MSRC VDB -1 Vortex Debubbler (Stony Brooke)

Precision Time Keeping - ESE Model S-185A GPS Master Clock w/IRIG-B SMPTE, 1PPS, RS232 and ESE Outputs.

Heading Reference - Furuno GPS based SC120 heading reference

Transducer Well - 18” square, extends 12” above the fully loaded waterline. Can be worked on without dry docking vessel

Diving Support Equipment - Surface supported hose Diving Compressor and Volume Tank

Dive Platform with dive ladder, extra large shower