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The time to act is now

"The ocean covers more than 70 percent of the globe’s surface, so if we want to turn climate change around, we need to look to the ocean. The ocean is our planetary life support system and if we don’t understand it and take care of it, the future of our ocean planet could be compromised to the detriment of mankind and all living creatures."

—Francis E. Fowler IV

Fellowship Program and Projects

The centerpiece of the Center’s activities is a vibrant fellowship program that has provided support for nine Francis E. Fowler IV Center Fellows to date.

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Fowler Distinguished Scholar in Residence

Benjamin David Santer has been selected as the Center ‘s first Francis E. Fowler IV Distinguished Scholar in Residence. He is an atmospheric scientist who uses numerical models to study natural and human-caused “fingerprints” in the climate system.

Outreach - Communications and Policy

The impact of science and engineering depends in no small part on raising public awareness and informing policy, both public and corporate. The Center aims to enhance the real-world impact of its research by broadly communicating its findings and supporting efforts to translate scientific results into evidence that domestic and international leaders can use in shaping future ocean and climate policies.

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