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Local Information

Things to do in the Woods Hole and Falmouth Area

Information about restaurants, shopping, recreation and more in the Falmouth and Woods Hole area.

Scientific Community in Woods Hole

In Woods Hole over seven institutions occupy some 170 buildings, operate a dozen research vessels and collecting boats, employ more than 1,500 year-round people, and offer instruction to approximately 500 students.

History of Woods Hole

The village of Woods Hole was settled more than 300 years ago and for two centuries remained primarily a farming and fishing community prior to its dominance today by tourism and marine research.

Geography & Climate

The climate of Woods Hole—a village in the town of Falmouth and located on the southwest corner of Cape Cod, is influenced by the temperate climate of southern New England, made more moderate by the surrounding ocean which prevents extremes of heat and cold.


Places to stay in the Falmouth and Woods Hole area.

Health Services

Links to general healthcare information and local hospitals.


Learn more about transportation by bus, plane, train, and ferry.

Community Housing

A resource for posting and viewing rentals in the local area.