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On the high seas

RV Armstrong

A cruise with a view: The deck of the Armstrong was a welcome change of scenery for those used to…

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A Sea of Hazards

Sea of Hazards

How ocean scientists are working to safeguard us from the perils of a changing ocean

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To sail, not to drift

Rick Murray

Navigating a changing ecosystem, funding marine science, and finding hope—WHOI Deputy Director Rick Murray charts the course toward our ocean’s…

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Sea Ahead

the sea ahead

Once upon a time, ocean scientists hung up cans on up a tree on Bikini Atoll to measure wave height…

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Looking into the Future

looking ino the future

WHOI researchers discuss various ways that ocean science and technology are enabling a deeper understanding of our blue planet

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Uncharted Waters

Uncharted Water

Our global ocean will change dramatically over the next few decades. What might it look like, and how will humans…

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Are We Alone?

are we alone

To discover life in space, we look to our ocean extremes to understand what it’s capable of withstanding. The Exploring…

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