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    About Oceanus Magazine

    Oceanus explores the oceans in depth, highlighting the research and researchers at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in news, features, and interviews.

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    Oceanus explores the oceans in depth, highlighting the research and researchers at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in news, features, and interviews written by magazine staff, with full-color photographs and illustrations. Each issue covers a wide spectrum of oceanography, spanning coastal research, marine life, deep-ocean exploration, and the ocean's role in climate, as well as ocean technology and policy.

    Oceanus was first published in 1952 as a 16-page typewritten document to provide "a worthwhile reference to modern oceanographic exploration ... that is neither too technical nor too popular." That concise philosophy still remains, even though the mission of the magazine has evolved over the years. Today, the Internet offers more timely access to information, and our scope has broadened to convey the adventure of ocean exploration, the global and collaborative nature of ocean research, and the importance of understanding the key feature that makes our planet unique and habitable.


    Evan Lubofsky, Managing Editor

    Daniel Hentz

    PRINT & Online Design

    Eric Taylor, Senior Graphic Designer

    Web development

    Ethan Andrews

    Chadwick Chinnery

    Katherine Spencer Joyce

    Dina Pandya



    Awards and Recognition

    Oceanus magazine has won national awards three times in recent years from the Council for Advancement and Support of Education. CASE is the professional organization of higher education professionals who work in alumni relations, communications, and development. We are proud and pleased that our magazine, which deals almost exclusively with hard science, is recognized by our peers for its superb design, writing, and editing.

    In 2005, we won a Silver Medal in the Research Magazine category. No Gold Medal was awarded that year, and just one other Silver.

    Read what the 2005 CASE Award judges had to say about Oceanus magazine:

    “Pun intended, but Oceanus provides its readers with even more depth in an almost encyclopedic publication packed densely with attractive charts and graphs that are easy to grasp and reader-friendly. If you are into oceanic research, you are into this publication, or should be.”

    In 2006, our Magazine Web Site won a Silver Medal. It was the highest award given in this category that year.

    Here’s what the 2006 CASE Award judges had to say about Oceanus magazine:
    Oceanus is an extremely well-done website—and magazine. WHOI treats this website like a website, publishing material when it is ready, not just when the magazine is published three times a year. This has allowed the staff to respond quickly to breaking news, coordinating efforts with press releases and other media outreach. WHOI’s magazine staff publish one article a week on the site, often more frequently. The content on the site is rich and deep, with videos, wallpaper that can be downloaded, animations, photo galleries and archives. Readers can also sign up for story alerts. Many of the stories have a sidebar showcasing related links, not just on WHOI sites but on national and international sources. With the website, WHOI is clearly reaching an audience that they can’t reach in print and the site is working to communicate WHOI’s research and mission—25% of subscribers are from outside the US, visits to the site have grown substantially, it’s among the top 3 Google results for oceanographic journal resources, and has been cited—and linked to—by many bloggers. Very, very nicely done!”

    In 2011, our staff writers were awarded a Bronze Medal in Periodical Staff Writing for External Audiences. All of the other award-winners in this category were from much larger institutions and covered a broad range of subjects and fields.  Comments from the 2011 judges are not available.