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Coral time machines

Sophie Hines

WHOI physical oceanographer Sophie Hines discusses the power of fossil corals in understanding how ocean circulation has changed over time

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Five idioms for ocean lovers

Sailors gathering around below deck

Do these ocean idioms come from seafaring history or not? The world is mine oyster, scuttlebutt, taken aback, between the devil and the deep blue sea, sea change.

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A coral reef kickstart

WHOI’s Reef Solutions Initiative takes a multi-disciplinary approach to investigate solutions for ailing coral reefs

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Burrows on the beach


Rebuilding after a hurricane isn’t easy—especially for those pale, stalk-eyed creatures known as ghost crabs

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Speaking in colors

squid pair

How squid use a dazzling array of colors and body patterns to make friends, fend off enemies, and survive life below the surface.

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Measuring the great migration

A bioacoustic mooring will use sound to help estimate life migrating in the ocean’s twilight zone as part of a new long-term observation network in the Atlantic

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