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Deep Dive

A Sea of Hazards

Sea of Hazards

How ocean scientists are working to safeguard us from the perils of a changing ocean

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Sea Ahead

the sea ahead

Once upon a time, ocean scientists hung up cans on up a tree on Bikini Atoll to measure wave height in the Marshall Islands during nuclear weapons testing. Today, ocean technologies and data harvesting are heading somewhere big, from swarming bots, to more autonomous submersibles, and the miniaturization of ocean sensors

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Oceans of Change

Walking on polar ice

Oceans of Change WHOI scientists learn how the ocean shapes—and is shaped by—global climate By Madeline Drexler (Photo by Simon…

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Seeing Green (crabs)

A close up of a green crab, ready to be hooked up to a heart monitoring system.

A scientist explores how one of the world’s most resilient invasive species has adapted to new environments

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