IOS/WHOI/ONR Internal Solitary Wave Workshop Papers.
6th Edition, Papers Processed as of  12 May 1999

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Contributed Papers,
Eds. T. F. Duda and D. M. Farmer, Technical Report WHOI-99-07,
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Woods Hole, MA, 1999.

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1. Acoustics

go Realistic Simulation Studies of Acoustic Signal Coherence in the Presence
                            of an Internal Soliton Wavepacket
                         C.-S. Chiu

go Some Thoughts on the Outstanding Acoustical and Oceanographic Issues
                            Concerning ``Solibore'' Internal Waves
                         John A. Colosi and James F. Lynch

go Acoustic Mode Coupling Within Internal Solitary Waves and Wave Groups
                          T. F Duda and J. C. Preisig

go Acoustic Field Fluctuations Caused by Internal Wave Soliton Packets
                          S. Finette, M. Orr and J. Apel

go Acoustical Impacts and Inversion Scheme of Internal Solitary Waves
         E. C. Shang, Y. Y. Wang and L. Ostrovsky

go Contributions of the Turbulence Field and  Zooplankton to Acoustic
                Backscattering by an Internal Wave
         T. K. Stanton,  J. D. Warren, P. H. Wiebe,  M.  C. Benfield and C. H. Greene

go Effects of Internal Waves and Bores on Acoustic Transmissions in
                                 the Strait  of Gibraltar
         C. O. Tiemann, P. F. Worcester, Bruce D. Cornuelle and U. Send

go Modeling the Effects of Solitons on Acoustics
         A. C. Warn-Varnas, S. A. Chin-Bing, D. B. King, S. A .Piascek and A. MacNaughton

2. Biology

go Preliminary Observations of Optical Variability Associated with Internal
                           Solitary Waves during the Coastal Mixing and Optics Experiment
                        G. C. Chang and T. D. Dickey

go Phytoplankton Patchiness and High-Frequency Internal Waves
                            C. E. Lennert-Cody and P. J. S. Franks

go Issues in Larval Transport by Internal Tidal Bores
               J. Pineda

3. Waves and Flows with Regional Constaints

go Observations of Isolated Waves in Two-Layer Downslope Flows
                            P. G. Baines, D. Murray and T. Ruchon

go Intrusive Solibores in Knight Inlet
                            E. A. D'Asaro

go Fully Nonlinear Simulations of Upstream Waves at a Topography
                            J. Grue

go Flows in Rotating Channels:  Hydraulic Adjustment, Jumps and Shocks
                            K. R. Helfrich and L. J. Pratt

go Nonlinear Internal Wave Observations on the Continental Shelf
                            M. Levine and T. Boyd

go  Internal Solitary Waves in the Western Tropical Pacific
                             R. Pinkel

go  Internal Wave Induced Variability in the Vicinity of Steep Island Flanks
                             D. Vithanage and P. K. Sullivan

4. Dissipation

go A Study of Dissipative, Shoaling High-Frequency Internal Waves in Shallow Water
                            J. Lerczak, C. Winant and M. Hendershott

go Turbulent Mixing in Solitons
           N. S. Oakey and N. A. Cochrane

go Observations of Turbulence Associated with Highly Nonlinear , Near-Surface
                       Solitons Over the Continental Shelf
          T. P. Stanton

5. Remote Sensing

go Relationships Between Strong Internal Waves and Their Surface Signatures
                            R. A. Kropfli, L. A. Ostrovsky,  T. P. Stanton, E. A. Skirta, A. N. Keane and V. G. Irisov

go Nonlinear Internal Wave Interaction in the China Seas
         A. K. Liu and M.-K. Hsu

go Continental Shelf Parameters Inferred from SAR Internal Wave Observations
                             D. L. Porter and D. R. Thompson

go Internal Solitons in the Ocean:  Prediction from SAR
         J. Small,  R. Hornby,  M. Prior and J. Scott

6. Sediments and Optics

go A Mechanism for Sediment Resuspension by Internal Solitary Waves
                            D. J. Bogucki and L. G. Redekopp

go The Massachusetts Bay Internal Wave Experiment - 1998:  Do Solitons
                              Resuspend the Bottom Sediments?
                            B. Butman, S. P. Anderson, A. Scotti, R. C. Beardsley, R. P. Trask, R. A . Weller

go Internal Tides and Sedimentation on Continental Slopes
                            D. A. Cacchione

7. Wave Physics

go Are Strongly Sheared Baroclinic Currents Sources for Internal Solitons?
                            J. Apel

go On the Maximal Form of Internal Solitary Waves
                            W. A. B. Evans

go Solitary Waves Formed Over Topography
          D. Farmer and L. Armi

go Modeling Internal Solitary Waves in the Ocean
                            R. Grimshaw and E. Pelinovsky

go Strongly Nonlinear Internal Waves on the Australian North West Shelf
                            P. E. Holloway, E. Pelinovsky  and T. Talipova

go Preliminary Results from Observations of Internal Tides and Solitary Waves
                              in the Bay of Biscay
                            F.-P. A. Lam, T. Gerkema amd L. R. M. Maas

go Theoretical Descriptions of Shallow-Water Solitary Internal Waves:  Comparisons
                              with Fully Nonlinear Waves
                            K. G. Lamb

go Numerical Modeling of Internal Wave-Wave Interactions
         P. Lynett and P. L.-F. Liu

go How to Describe Strong Internal Waves In Coastal Areas
         L. A. Ostrovsky

go Numerical Modelling of the Evolution of Internal Bores and Generation of
                                 Internal Solitons at the Malin Shelf
         E. Pelinovsky, T. Talipova and J. Small

go Cross-Shelf Mass Transport by Non-Linear Internal Waves
         G. I. Shapiro, M. E. Inall and T. J. Sherwin

go An Investigation of the Temporal Variability of a Non-Linear Internal
                                Wave Field on the Portuguese Shelf
         T. J. Sherwin and D. R. G. Jeans

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