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Orcas spotted off the Armstrong

While transiting from the work site in the Irminger Sea to Reykjavik during a recent AR69-01 OOI-Irminger 9/OSNAP-SDWBC cruise, a pod of orca whales came by the ship. NOAA Marine Mammal Observer Pete Dooley was on board, and he estimated the pod size to be 32, with several calves in the group. It was a…

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A Clam at Sunrise in the Mid-Atlantic Bight

The sun rises over the Mid-Atlantic Bight behind an ocean quahog perched on the side of the F/V ESS Pursuit during a recent research cruise. Ocean quahogs are the longest-living, non-colonial animals in the world, reaching ages of over 500 years. As they precipitate their shells in annual increments, much like trees grow in annual…

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R/V Armstrong tracks Arctic freshwater along the southeast Greenland shelf

Assistant scientist Nick Foukal and Research Assistant Jessica Kozik have been deploying surface drifters and profiling floats along the southeast Greenland shelf during the OOI Irminger cruise aboard the R/V Armstrong. The goal of the project is to track meltwater from Greenland and the Arctic as it rounds Cape Farewell at the southern tip of…

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