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Robots to the Rescue

How the next generation of ocean robots will help solve the planet’s most pressing problems

group chat Ocean Tech

Group Chat

Underwater robots communicate in text-like fashion off the coast of Oahu

workbench Ocean Tech

Technology Hatchery

The latest robotics projects happening inside the George and Wendy David Center for…

iologists Heidi Sosik (left) and Joel Llopiz (right) examine shadowgraph images of plankton Ocean Tech

AI in the Ocean Twilight Zone

Deep Learning techniques are revealing new secrets about the mesopelagic

Amy Phung Ocean Tech

Automating Exploration

For MIT-WHOI Joint Program student Amy Phung, virtual reality and robotics are a natural pairing…

A throwback to ABE: The OG autonomous seafloor robot Ocean Tech

A throwback to ABE

The OG autonomous seafloor robot

right whale in NY Harbor Ocean Life

Keeping an ear out for whales

Scientists look to safeguard the mammals with robotic buoys in the New York Bight

Ocean & Human Lives

Are warming Alaskan Arctic waters a new toxic algal hotspot?


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hard wired to love
Ocean Tech

Hardwired to love

Ocean engineers discuss our emotional connection with robots

Brian Halligan
Climate & Weather

Propelling a new wave of ocean-climate solutions

WHOI researchers get a boost from climate-tech fund Propeller

underwater Climate & Weather

Solving climate challenges, one innovation at a time

WHOI researchers report progress on projects funded by the Ocean Climate Innovation Accelerator

Paddling Illustration Climate & Weather

Paddling an angry, ancient ocean

If ancient Beringians got to the Americas by boat, it couldn’t have been easy

Can Sound Help Save Coral Reefs?

WHOI scientists use sound to attract larval corals that could help rebuild reef ecosystems

Ocean & Human Lives

How is human health impacted by marine plastics?

WHOI biologist Mark Hahn discusses a recent global plastics study

Sustainable Ocean

Massachusetts Governor Maura Healey visits WHOI

Healey-Driscoll administration “leans in” on climate, Blue Economy research at WHOI

Ferromanganese crusts draping rocks How the Ocean Works

With deep-sea mining, do microbes stand a chance?

Scouring the seafloor for precious metals could put marine microbial communities and their ecosystem functions at risk

Ocean Life

Is the Great Barrier Reef making a comeback?

The world’s largest reef saw record growth after years of bleaching. So why aren’t scientists…

Climate & Weather

Reconstructing the Bering Sea’s stormy past

Researchers help Bering Sea indigenous communities understand the past and plan for future

Ocean Life

Casting a (long) line to the twilight zone food web

Scientists and fishermen work together to study key predators in the ocean twilight zone

AUV Sentry submerges. Photo by Luis Lamar © Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Ocean Tech

How does Sentry know where it is?

New smarts keep the autonomous vehicle on track

Pakistan flood Climate & Weather

Pakistan’s ‘Ocean of Water’

WHOI’s Caroline Ummenhofer discusses how interactions between the Pacific and Indian Oceans influenced Pakistan’s devastating…


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Ocean & Human Lives

Bridge-to-PhD program at WHOI opens doors for new scientists

WHOI’s Center for Chemical Currencies of a Microbial Planet (C-CoMP) works to expand BIPOC representation in ocean…

Ocean & Human Lives

What makes science, science? Indigenous scholar asks WHOI community to stay curious

Indigenous scholar Dr. Jessica Hernandez sparks discussion at WHOI about the under-appreciated value of Indigenous science in…

A man dressed in orange samples orange lava from black volcanic rock. Ocean & Human Lives

The predictive power of geochemistry

A WHOI researcher looks for changes in gas molecules to forecast volcanic eruptions such as…

The R/V Acadiana Climate & Weather

Looking to the Mighty Mississippi for climate solutions

Researchers measure alkalinity flowing into the Gulf of Mexico to assess a carbon dioxide removal…

Ocean Tech

From Northern California to Ocean Engineer

OOI engineer Irene Duran’s life took her from a dry, hot California town to a…

Climate & Weather

Sargassum serendipity

A surprise find connects MIT students working on solutions for a harmful algal bloom in…

Ocean & Human Lives

Why Indigenous perspectives matter in the climate conversation

Wampanoag Tribal Member Leslie Jonas talks WHOI, Native rights, and a timely partnership

Wide angle shot of marsh, two people gatherin samples in the distance, purple lupines in the foreground, a tidal greet with red clay down the middle Climate & Weather

An introduction to marsh bothering

A sea-level modeler plunges into fieldwork on Prince Edward Island

How the Ocean Works

When will Antarctica’s ice cliffs come crashing down?

Researchers challenge their own assumptions to improve sea-level rise predictions

Living on the edge
Climate & Weather

Living on the edge

Science faces off with an increasingly volatile coast