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December 1 to 17, 2020

Learn about the academic programs offered at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Postdoctoral Program

WHOI’s Postdoctoral Program is rated among the top in the world. Our postdocs enjoy full access to cutting edge research facilities and ocean going vessels, the support of the scientific and engineering staff, a dedicated postdoctoral office, career and mentoring programs and an active postdoctoral association.

Several types of postdoctoral awards are available for new or recent Ph.D. recipients.

Postdoctoral Scholarships

Eighteen-month awards are designed to further the education and training of the applicant with primary emphasis placed on the individual’s research promise.

Postdoctoral Investigators

Investigators normally conduct research and studies in areas relevant to existing grants or contracts. Appointments are renewable up to a maximum of four years. Openings can be found at:

Postdoctoral Fellowships

Postdocs who have been competitively awarded national or international postdoctoral fellowships perform research at WHOI to coincide with their individual fellowship awards.

Members of groups underrepresented in ocean science and engineering are encouraged to apply.

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MIT-WHOI Joint Program

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and Massachusetts Institute of Technology joined together in 1968 to form one of the world’s premier graduate education programs in oceanography and ocean engineering. The MIT-WHOI Joint Program in Oceanography/Applied Ocean Science and Engineering has awarded over 1000 degrees. Alumni are among the leaders in ocean science and engineering worldwide.

The combined strengths of MIT and WHOI provide research and educational opportunities in all of the scientific and engineering disciplines that contribute to ocean science.

Interdisciplinary research is encouraged with recent initiatives in biogeochemistry, ocean observing systems, climate change, bio- physical interactions, ocean exploration, marine ecosystem sustainability, coastal vulnerability, and the effects of the oceans on human health.

Students generally complete course work during their first two years of a five-year, full-time program. The remaining years are devoted to thesis research that may take Joint Program students on sea-going research vessels, to a local salt marsh, or to remote areas throughout the world.

The MIT-WHOI Joint Program is designed with the doctoral degree as the intended degree awarded. Graduates of the MIT-WHOI Joint Program receive one degree granted by both institutions.

Members of groups underrepresented in ocean science and engineering are encouraged to apply.

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Are you considering graduate studies in ocean science/ocean engineering? Are you interested in STEM? Watch this video to hear from several graduate students on their experiences in the MIT-WHOI Joint Program. If you need advice about the application process or have a question about graduate student life, volunteer graduate students are here to help.

Curious about life in Woods Hole? Grad students share their experiences about living in Woods Hole.

Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Program

The GFD Program is an annual ten-week program of interdisciplinary research and graduate training. The Program began in 1959 and has been held every summer since at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. The purpose of the Program is to create an atmosphere that fosters the interdisciplinary transfer of ideas between a wide range of subjects including applied mathematics, astrophysics, fluid dynamics, geology, geophysics, meteorology, oceanography, planetary science, and physics. The central focus of the program is the research training of a small group of graduate student fellows charged with conducting an advanced research project under the supervision of GFD staff members.

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Summer Student Fellowships

Summer Student Fellowships at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution on Cape Cod in Massachusetts provide undergraduate students with an opportunity to spend the summer conducting hands-on research and gaining sea-going experience with leading scientists and engineers. Eligible candidates must have completed their junior-year undergraduate courses by the start of the program. Members of groups underrepresented in ocean science and engineering are encouraged to apply.

At the end of the 10-12 week fellowship period, Fellows give a public presentation and complete a report describing their research results.

The program includes a hands-on, one-day, at-sea practicum cruise onboard the R/V Tioga focusing on data collection and sampling methods. Weekly lectures and seminars immerse students in the variety of oceanographic fields available for study. All Fellowships provide a stipend, WHOI housing and a travel allowance.

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About Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution is dedicated to advancing knowledge of the ocean and its connection with the Earth system through a sustained commitment to excellence in science, engineering, and education, and to the application of this knowledge to problems facing society.

Ocean research at WHOI combines the basic science disciplines with innovative engineering to build knowledge and lead to new discoveries. Integration of this research with studies of marine policy, sustainability, climate change, and human health can lead to solutions of society’s complex environmental challenges.

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