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Chief Steward Carl Wood

JUNE 1, 2003 Carl Wood’s title on RV Atlantis is Chief Steward. But his real role on the ship includes so much…

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First Mate Mitzi Crane

FEBRUARY 2, 2000 Being the First Mate of RV Atlantis carries a great deal of responsibility.  Besides being the second-in- command of…

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Hans Schouten

Senior Scientist, Geology and Geophysics Department JANUARY 31, 2000 Dr. Hans Schouten is a Senior Scientist in the Geology and…

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Captain George Silva

JANUARY 15, 2000 The captain, or Master, of a ship is responsible for the safety of all the people and smooth…

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Marie Tharp

APRIL 1, 1999 Taken From “Connect the Dots: Mapping the Seafloor and Discovering the Mid-ocean Ridge” by Marie Tharp, Chapter…

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