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Welcome to the New

We hope you enjoy this  newly designed website. We’re proud of the new site. This redesign uses a more efficient “back end” engine to make it easier and faster for us to post new content. We put a lot of effort into how to best reorganize our site, including a number of studies of how people use the site, what they look for and how best to serve their needs.

How the site has changed

The new site features a user-friendly navigation that reflects WHOI’s mission and immediately communicates that mission to new users. When a top-level navigation button is selected, it is highlighted and the secondary navigation appears highlighted below it. This navigation is carried throughout the site. The consistent navigation, combined with a common look and feel on every page, will help users find the information the need quickly and experience less confusion. We’ve also added a new “topics” section, which organizes information about WHOI science and engineering projects into focused areas that are easy and inviting for non-science users to explore.

Contact us

If you are experiencing any problems or just want to let us know what you think of the new site, please contact