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Illustration showing the effects of two Beaufort Gyre air pressure shifts

Atlantic Ocean currents carrying warm water up to Greenland

Atlantic and Arctic Oceans currents

Territorial Arctic map

Illustration showing the global boundaries of the Arctic region

2011 Global Hydrothermal Vents map

2009 Global Hydrothermal Vents map

World thermohaline circulation; the “Conveyor Belt”

Spilhaus projection of the world’s oceans

Schematic road map of the ocean’s circulation

The Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC)

Satellite image showing Pinocchio’s Nose warm water intrusion along the Shelf

Oceanic conveyor belt

Ocean and atmospheric interaction in the North Atlantic Ocean

North Atlantic Oscillation positive and negative stages

North Atlantic ocean currents circulation map

North Atlantic ocean circulation shown on a world globe

La Nina

Map showing where high amounts of plastic were found

Map showing radiation measurements in the ocean

Indian peninsula environmental history 4,500 years ago

Illustration showing the approximate flight path of Air France flight 447

Illustration linking the Indian Ocean and the monsoons

Illustration depicting the North Icelandic Jet current