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Download WHOI’s free ocean-themed virtual backgrounds

We’ve got your video calls covered. Impress your friends, family and colleagues with stunning image and video backgrounds for your next online meeting. Choose from some of WHOI’s favorites: vibrant coral reefs, soothing jellies pulsing in the ocean twilight zone, exciting REMUS SharkCam action, and other-worldly hydrothermal vent clips. You can use these free images for your next Zoom, Webex, or other virtual meeting space.


Winter / Holidays

Still images

Corals are tiny marine animals called polyps that live together in large colonies. They are relatives of jellyfish and anemones. Corals live in shallow water and in the deep seas. They can be soft or hard. When hundreds of thousands of hard corals have their skeletons glued together they form iconic reef structures that serve as the foundation for marine ecosystems around the world. Photo by Luis Lamar, © Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
The REMUS SharkCam is a custom outfitted REMUS autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) equipped with a video camera and navigational and scientific instrumentation that enables it to locate, track, and film a tagged marine animal, such as a North Atlantic white shark (great white). Scientist Amy Kukulya, © Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Ocean Systems Laboratory
Woods Hole is a quaint seaside village located on Cape Cod. It is diverse and is bustling with scientists, travelers, bikers, and foodies. Woods Hole is world-renowned for its science research facilities, deep-water harbors, beaches, museums and is a hub for travel to Martha’s Vineyard. ©Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Matthew Barton