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The purpose of this section of our website is to provide access to HAB-related articles as they are being presented in the media. Posting these articles on this site does not mean, in any sense, that we endorse them. Please use judgement in quoting or referring to any of the information posted here and seek out other sources (scientists, journalists) to get a more complete picture.

Disclaimer: These postings were sent to us from a variety of media sources over the Internet. The content has not been reviewed for scientific accuracy or edited in any manner.

Magazine/Website articles

"The Rise in Toxic Tides" Science News feature (Sept 27, 1997)
"Clearing up red tide" @ (August 5, 1998)
"Tiny Critters that have a big economic punch" Christ. Sci. Mon. (Sept. 17, 1998)
Tracking the Algae bloom @ (republished from CSM-Sept. 17, 1998)
"Microscopic Killers Surface in Florida Waters", Environment News Service (January 6, 1999)
"13 studied for estuary-linked illness", The Florida Times-Union 1999 (January 19, 1999)
"Sewage Smothers Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary", Environment New Service (April 28, 1999)
"Toxic algae blamed for sea lion toll", Environmental News Network (January 13, 2000)
"Sewage in urban runoff may spur growth of harmful algal blooms", UC Santa Cruz Press Release (February 24, 2000)
"NC State Scientists Confirm Second Toxic Pfiesteria Species", NC State University News Release (March 10, 2000)
"Pfiesteria not necessarily greater risk, botanist says", The News Observer (March 12, 2000)
"Scientists identify second deadly Pfiesteria species", Environmental News Network (March 22, 2000)
"The Cells From Hell", Saturday Night Online (June 3, 2000)
The following audio/visual news stories require Realplayer
National Public Radio's series on "Toxic Algae"(May 4-7, 1998)
"Playing the Shellfish Game" @ (July 24, 1998)
SeaGrant briefing on Pfiesteria (Sept. 22, 1998)

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Blue Green Algae

Brown Tide


Ailing Fish/Pfiesteria in Chesapeake Bay:

Ailing Fish/Pfiesteria in Delaware waters:

Pfiesteria in North Carolina

Pfiesteria-like organism in Florida near Jacksonville:

Pfiesteria-like organism along Central Florida Atlantic Coast:

General Pfiesteria information:

High Biomass Blooms:

Karenia brevis on the West Coast of Florida:

Karenia brevis on the East Coast of Florida:

Karenia brevis Red Tide along the Texas Coast:

"Golden Algae" caused by Prymnesium parvum - Texas:


Red Tide and PSP outbreaks in Washington State:

Red Tide and PSP in Alaska

Red Tide and PSP along the Northeast Coast:

Diatom blooms and ASP along the West Coast:

Diatom blooms and ASP along the East Coast: