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How Does Iron Get Into the Ocean?

Marine scientists and engineers have created a new tool to track an essential ingredient on which life in the oceans depends: iron.  The instrument, deployed on a buoy off Bermuda […]

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A View from Down Under

While it may be summer in the southern hemisphere, it is still very cold on Antarctica, where WHOI researchers are conducting a number of projects on and around the continent.  […]

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Deep Submergence Vehicle Alvin Overhaul in Action

Watch the latest progress on the overhaul of the three-person submersible Alvin at The sub has been ashore in Woods Hole, Massachusetts undergoing overhaul since November and will be […]

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Who Goes to Sea Wishing for Bad Weather?

Some physical oceanographers do, even if it is in January in the North Atlantic. Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) scientists will spend two weeks this month working south of the […]

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WHOI Blog from AGU

Check the WHOI blog for news updates from the American Geophysical Union (AGU) fall meeting. More than 10,000 Earth, space and ocean scientists are converging on San Francisco this week […]

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