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WHOI helps lead groundbreaking study on the human and ocean health impacts of ocean plastics

For the first time, leading researchers from the fields of healthcare, ocean science, and social science have collaborated to quantify plastic’s considerable risks to all life on Earth. The Minderoo-Monaco…

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Purple urchins devour remaining kelp along the Monterey Peninsula, California (Photo by Patrick Webster)
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Plastic waste is ubiquitous in the global environment. A new study is highlighting the human and ocean health impacts of plastic waste in the ocean ecosystems. (Tom Kleindinst © Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)
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Ferromanganese crusts draping rocks
solar system
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Nanine Linning’s La Mer. (Photo by Brooke Trisolini, courtesy of Boston Ballet)
OOI engineers and mooring operations staff work together to deploy a section of a Pioneer Array mooring over the aft deck of R/V <em>Neil Armstrong</em>. (Photo by Allen Smith, © Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)
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WHOI’s Matt Long and Jeff Coogan dive to check the status of underwater instruments near an eelgrass meadow,
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Indian Ocean