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Air France Flight 447 Updates

WHOI-Led Team Locates Wreckage of Air France 447

The WHOI-led team searching in the Atlantic Ocean for the wreckage of Air France flight 447, which crashed in 2009, has confirmed locating pieces of the aircraft, reports the French air safety authority known as BEA. The pieces have been identified by the BEA safety investigators as parts of the Airbus 330-203 commercial airliner that disappeared in the area nearly two years ago.

The WHOI team, which left Suape, Brazil on March 22, surveyed the seafloor using three autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) called REMUS 6000s, designed and operated by WHOI. Two of the vehicles are owned by the Waitt Institute for Discovery; the third is owned and operated by Leibniz Institute for Marine Sciences IFM-GEOMAR of Germany. More details will be provided when available.

Additional Information

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Landing gear from Air France Flight 447 photographed from a REMUS 6000 autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV). (BEA/Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)