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Ocean science into action

From collaborations with fishermen to whale-sensing smart cameras, these five solutions-based stories will give you hope in 2021

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Oceans of Change

Walking on polar ice

Oceans of Change
WHOI scientists learn how the ocean shapes—and is shaped by—global climate

By Madeline Drexler

(Photo by Simon Buchou on Unsplash)


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Underwater robots swarm the ocean

Robot Swarm

Researchers test a new, acoustic-based navigation system to solve a problem that oceanographers have grappled with for years—getting multiple underwater robots to monitor the ocean cooperatively in swarm-like fashion.

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The Ocean’s Role in Climate

Testimony to the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation

July 18, 2000

My name is Raymond Schmitt, I am a Senior Scientist in the Department of Physical Oceanography at the Woods […]

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