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Video Seafloor & Below

One Small Step: From Life on the Seafloor to Life Beyond Earth

A team of WHOI researchers and colleagues use a decision-making robot to explore Kolumbo volcano—an ancient submarine volcano sitting 500 meters below the surface off Greece’s Santorini Island in the Aegean Sea. The expedition was part of a NASA-funded program that will attempt to answer a number of key questions: What can the organisms living in the extremes of this dark and chemical-laden underworld tell us about life on Earth and beyond?

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Coastal researchers monitoring the seashore interface along a stretch of beach in North Carolina (Photo by © U.S. Coastal Research Program)
Woods Hole protestors march in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter Movement, June 2020 (Photo by Daniel Hentz, © Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)
Orpheus Under Ice
Mallory Ringham poses next to a disassembled CHANOS II, staged in her ersatz basement lab at her home in New York following stay-at-home orders. (Photo by Julia Middleton, © Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)
Art Maxwell
Shank MARCO PlayYT_ThumbNails
Life Kolumbo PlayYT_ThumbNails
©MikeMoore-EYOS Expeditions-53
Event MARCO Shank
The Loop Current (orange) is like a big river of warm water that flows northward from the Caribbean Sea. It sometimes loops up close to Louisiana and then swoops back down through the Florida Straits and into the Atlantic Ocean. (Sea surface temperature image by the Ocean Remote Sensing Group, © Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory)
Scott Lindell wears a mask while carefully measuring blades of sugar kelp brought to tents outside of the Environmental Systems Lab. (Photo courtesy of Scott Lindell, © WHOI)
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oil spill
plastics by the numbers
Recreational boats gather by Passage Key at the mouth of Sarasota Bay in Florida, a now common scene on weekends during the pandemic. (Photo courtesy of Randall Wells)
An aerial view of Woods Hole, Massachusetts (© Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)
world oceans day sweepstakes
ocean encounters
An Underside view of AUV <em>Sentry</em> and a swimmer at the water surface. (Photo by Luis Lamar, © Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)
woods hole aerial