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2023 Year in Review

The ocean connects our entire planet. So does WHOI science. We study every depth, travel to the poles and back, and share our knowledge (and tales of adventure) with you. Here’s to another year working for our ocean, our planet, and our future.

Footage captured by: NOAA, OECI, Boston Ballet, Matt Rissell, Eric Savetsky, SEA, Marley Parker, OTZ Project, Lu Lamar, D. Fornari, WHOI/M. Taylor, U. Essex, L. Robinson, U. Bristol/D. Wanless, Boise State U. NSF/NERC/HOV Alvin 2023, Michael Moore/Carolyn Miller NOAA Permit #21371, WHOI Seagrant, Daniel Cojanu, Daniel Zitterbart, Céline Le Bohec, CNRS, NDSF, Brick City TV, Croy Carlin, Jennifer Berglund, Heather Furey, Emily Cheung, WHOI/NSF, ROV Jason/2023, Julie Huber, Dan Lowenstein, David Nicholson, Daniel Hentz, Elise Hugus, Jayne Doucette, Craig LaPlante

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Image and Visual Licensing

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