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Educational Activities

The Deep Ocean Exploration Institute conducts activities to educate the next generation of scientists, and to broadly communicate scientific results in a timely, objective, and effective manner to all segments of society. These activities include postdoctoral appointments, graduate student positions, Geodynamics Seminar Series, and bringing oceanographic cruises to students and the general public via the World Wide Web.

Postdoctoral Scholars

With the aim of fostering interdisciplinary research addressing processes in the deep ocean, fellowships are available to support research associated with the DOEI themes.

Graduate Students

Each year, DOEI presents an award to a graduate student of the MIT/WHOI Joint Graduate Program whose research interests fit within the Institute's themes.

Supplemental Student Support

DOEI offers help to students who are in need of additional support to complete their research activities at WHOI, if their research is in line with DOEI cross-disciplinary themes.

K-12 Activities

DOEI supports Dive and Discover, an online expedition website that immerses you in the excitement of ocean exploration.