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The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution announces with great sorrow the death of former employee Eli Katz on October 17.  He was 82.

Eli received his Ph.D. from The Johns Hopkins University in 1962.

Eli began his career at WHOI as an assistant scientist in 1966.  In 1968, he was promoted to an associate scientist.  He left in 1978.

After leaving WHOI, he went to Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory until 1996.  He was co-and chief editor of the Journal of Physical Oceanography from 1986-1996.  He was an adjunct professor at 11 colleges from 1997-2018, concluding work at Fairleigh Dickinson, Brockport, and Montclair University.

Eli was the recipient of the American Meteorological Society’s 1995 Charles Franklin Brooks Award for Outstanding Service, honored “for long and distinguished service to the publication program of the Society as editor and chief editor of the Journal of Physical Oceanography.”

Eli was the of father of Aviva (Gary), Hillel (Elissa), and Judah (Sigal); grandfather of Rebecca, Zoe, Daniel, Miriam, William, Nitai, and Lilach

A graveside funeral was held on October 20 at the Beth David Cemetery, 300 Elmont Rd, Elmont, NY 11003.

This obituary was
published in the New York Times.