Distribution of HABs in the U.S.

Coastal waters of the United States are subject to most of the major HAB poisoning syndromes and impacts. These include paralytic shellfish poisoning (PSP), neurotoxic shellfish poisoning (NSP), amnesic shellfish poisoning (ASP), ciguatera fish poisoning (CFP), brown tides (BT), cyanoHABs and a number of other HAB phenomena such as fish kills, loss of submerged vegetation, shellfish mortalities, and widespread marine mammal mortalities. 

U.S. maps
The following maps depict the frequency of specific HAB problems along the U.S. coast over the last ten years. These data are updated annually to generate a time series of the events.

Amnesic Shellfish Poisoning

Diarrhetic Shellfish Poisoning

Neurotoxic Shellfish Poisoning

Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning

Last updated: August 15, 2016