Fact sheets / cards

Massachusetts Red Tide fact sheet
Red tide fact sheet from the Massachusetts Department of Health and Human Services.  Click here to access a spanish language version of the fact sheet.

Gulf of Mexico HAB primer
Common questions and answers for stakeholders, decision makers, coastal managers, and the education community.

California red tide leaflet
Seafood Network Information Center, California:  Red Tide:  Questions and Answers (PDF file)

California natural marine toxins
Natural Marine Toxins:  PSP and Domoic Acid (PDF format); sponsored by California Sea Grant, NOAA, and California State Resources Agency.

Florida Red Tide Fact Card
Florida red tide facts, including health and seafood safety tips.  PDF format.

Lyngbya newsletter
A newsletter from the Lyngbya ECOHAB project

Lyngbya fact sheet
A fact sheet from the Lyngbya ECOHAB project

Texas Golden Alga Facts
Golden alga facts including tips for recognition, reporting, and health and safety in PDF format.  To obtain hard copies please e-mail hab@tpwd.state.tx.us

Texas Red Tide Fact Card
Health tips and seafood safety tips on Texas red tide (PDF format).

NOAA state of the science fact sheet
State of the Science Fact Sheet on HABs, prepared by NOAA.

Dogs and HABs
Dogs and Harmful Algal Blooms, New York Sea Grant

Last updated: July 11, 2016