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Spotlight on Research Specialist Heather Furey

I came to the Oceanographic in May 1997, having just finished up a Master’s in Physical Oceanography at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks.  After an amazing road trip from Fairbanks to Falmouth, which included almost having my little Toyota Tercel trampled by a herd of wild bison and seeing breakup on the Yukon River, I started working for Amy Bower on the research staff as a Research Assistant II.  I’ve been working with Amy ever since, and working my way up the technical staff ladder.  I was particularly drawn to Amy’s work with subsurface floats because I love mapping out deep circulation from a Lagrangian perspective; I love the ‘armchair traveler’ aspect of seeing where floats go when embedded in deep currents.  I also love to go to sea, where I have the ability to collect the data that I spend time at my desk working on later . . . the full-circle nature of the science appeals to me.  These days, when not at work, I am intent on doing as much hiking as I can, and spending time with my children while they are still at home.