Watch the ROV Jason II explore the ocean bottom

Live high definition video will be sent over Internet 2

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Jason II
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The event

9/26 update: There will be an additional live broadcast Tuesday, Sept. 27. at 5 p.m. EDT (GMT-07:00). The scheduled 8-hour broadcasts for Sept. 28 and 29 will be shown live, weather permitting. Portions of the program may be pre-recorded if inclement weather conditions in the Pacific Ocean persist.

On Sept. 27, 28 and 29 the Research Channel will host a live high definition telecast, featuring the ROV Jason II, from a cruise on the Juan De Fuca Ridge off the Pacific Northwest. The cruise aboard the R/V Thomson includes DSL and WHOI scientists who are studying underwater volcanoes and deep sea vents with John Delaney and Deb Kelley, both of the University of Washington. These live telecasts are scheduled to be shown from 5 pm to 6 pm, in Redfield on Wednesday and in Clark 507 on Tuesday and Thursday.  Since the telecast is weather-dependent, check the above link for updates.

This is event is being featured at a conference on high-performance networking and computing as a demonstration the use of advance networking technologies to facilitate exploration.  High definition cameras attached to Jason will send video to the R/V Thompson.  The video signal will then be processed and sent via a high-bandwidth satellite link to the University of Washington where the staff of the Research Channel and UWTV will send the digital video signal out over Internet 2 taking advantage of its high bandwidth and other advanced technologies.  WHOI will receive the data over our Internet 2 connection, along with the conference, and distribute it throughout our network. 

It is also being shown live on a number of cable and satellite TV systems and Webcast in lower resolution across the general Internet during much of Wednesday and Thursday.


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