Planning a cruise with ABE

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ABE cruises have been supported through the National Science Foundation, The NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration, and through private sources. ABE is not presently part of the National Deep Submergence Facility, so explicit funding must be obtained from the science program or privately. Typically, we submit a simultaneous submission to the funder along with the PI’s science proposal. These simultaneous submissions usually contain the same text at the PI’s proposal, but have separate budget and budget discussions. ABE scheduling is handled through the normal ship scheduling process with input from UNOLS and the Deep Submergence Science Committee (DESSC). See the previous section “ABE specifications” to determine if ABE can meet your needs. Also, contact either Dana Yoerger ( or Albert Bradley ( for more information.

In order to work up an ABE budget, we require the following information:

Proposal start date

  1. approximate cruise start date
  2. number of days at sea
  3. start and ending port
  4. number of dives
  5. description of anticipated data products
  6. summary of other cruise activities (i.e Alvin, Jason2, etc).

Presently, we budget for 3 ABE personnel. We also require that a member of the science party be available for map making. We provide training for an appropriate student, post-doc, or staff member. This role should be filled by someone with experience in making maps and running Matlab.


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