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» Tyrrell, T., B. Schneider, A. Charalampopoulou and U. Riebesell (2007). Coccolithophores and calcite saturation state in the Baltic and Black seas. Biogeosciences Discuss., 4: 3581-3605.

» Special Issue of Current on Ocean Acidification - From Ecological Impacts to Policy Opportunities
Permission has been granted to the Ocean Carbon and Biogeochemistry Office to post the special issue of Current: The Journal of Marine Education featuring: "Ocean Acidification--From Impacts to Policy Opportunities" published by The National Marine Educators Associations (NMEA). For more information about the NMEA, please visit their website

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» Harvey, L.D.D. (2008). Mitigating the atmospheric CO2 increase and ocean acidification by adding limestone powder to upwelling regions. Journal of Geophysical Research-Oceans113, C04028, doi:10.1029/2007/JC004383.

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