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» Agenda Updated October 7, 2007

» Hugh Ducklow, Marine Biological Laboratory: How Will Polar Plankton Ecosystems Respond to Ocean Acidification?

» Mark Green, St. Joseph?s College: Death by Dissolution: The Fate of Carbonate-bearing Organisms in Nearshore Marine Environments in a High CO2 World

» Ulf Riebesell, IFM-GEOMAR, Kiel: Pelagic Mesocosms for Future Ocean Simulations

» Kerim Aydin, NOAA Alaska Fisheries Science Center: Impacts on Fisheries

» Anne Cohen, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution: Biocalcification Responses to Ocean Acidification: the Interplay of Physicochemical and Physiological Factors

» Gretchen Hofmann, University of California, Santa Barbara: Using Functional Genomics to Explore the Impacts of Ocean Acidification on Calcifying Marine Organisms

» Fred Mackenzie, University of Hawaii: Carbonate Dissolution Under Rising Atmospheric CO2 and Ocean Acidification

» Scott Doney, WHOI: Modeling Challenges for Ocean Acidification

» Danny Harvey, University of Toronto: Ocean Mitigation Strategies

» David Hutchins, University of Southern California: Rising pCO2 and Oligotrophic Ocean Biology: Winners and Losers in the Central Gyres

» Uta Passow, University of California, Santa Barbara: Respiration, Decomposition and Export

» Ilsa Kuffner, U.S. Geological Survey: Ocean Acidification Impacts on Coral Reefs - Changes in Community Structure

» Barney Balch, Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences: Using Remote Sensing to Assess Ocean Acidification Impacts

» Barney Balch's movie to go with above talk

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