July 23-26, 2007

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The summer 2007 OCB Science Workshop seeks to recognize new research opportunities at the interface between traditional disciplines.  Participants are encouraged to "think outside the box" of their own immediate research communities and communicate with scientists in other disciplines.  Three primary interdisciplinary themes have been identified for this workshop, bearing in mind that subsequent workshops will address additional themes:

- The interplay between biotic structure and biogeochemical cycles
Speakers will explicitly address the two-way interactions between the structure and organization of biotic communities and the rates and pathways of elemental cycling in the ocean.

- Changing Ocean Biogeochemistry: The Prediction Challenge This session seeks to stimulate discussion regarding predictions of future change in ocean biogeochemistry. Ocean acidification and ocean carbon storage will be foci for the breakout sessions.

- Cross-boundary fluxes in the coastal ocean
This session will address fluxes between the land margin-coastal ocean interface and the ocean-atmosphere interface.  

Each afternoon, breakout groups will further identify research opportunities on these themes.  The purpose of the breakout groups is not to identify all research priorities of OCB, but to amplify research opportunities on the subselection of OCB topics highlighted for this year's workshop.  On the last morning of the conference, there will be open forum breakout groups to address other issues of interest to participants.

Posters are invited on the three themes above, as well as on
other aspects of ocean biogeochemical research.


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