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WHOI Establishes Award for Excellence in Ocean Science Journalism

June 11, 2002

The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution has established a major journalism award to recognize an outstanding record of achievement in communicating ocean science to the public. The award, The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Award for Excellence in Ocean Science Journalism, will be given for a body of work that enhances public awareness of, interest in, and understanding of the ocean sciences and was published or broadcast within the last five years. The $5,000 cash prize and award will be presented in Woods Hole for the first time in the fall of 2003, with the recipient presenting a lecture or seminar on an appropriate science journalism topic at that time.

The Ocean Science Journalism Award, established with private funding, will be given in two categories: print and broadcast. It is intended to honor work that, in a clear, broad and accurate way, shows originality and insight, and has made a significant and lasting contribution to public awareness and understanding of issues and advances in ocean sciences, and their impact on society as a whole.

An independent panel of judges will select the award recipients. Judges will represent a wide range of experience and expertise in science journalism, including reporting, editing and producing stories for newspapers, magazines, radio, television and other electronic mediums.

Eligibility: Entries must be books, articles or reports, or programs that were published or broadcast in any medium within the past five years, intended for and available to the general public, and written in English (or include an English translation). A nominee must be the author of the submitted work, and must be an employee of a print or electronic publication or a broadcast or cable station or network or be a freelance writer or producer. In the case of collaborate efforts, those involved must determine who is to be listed as the nominee.

No more than three entries by any nominee will be judged. A series may be judged as one entry if each segment was identified at the time of publication or broadcast as being part of the series. No more than three segments of a series may be submitted for judging. The award is open to entries written, edited and produced in newspapers, magazines or books, or broadcast on radio and television (including cable stations and networks). Entries may also be submitted that were produced for alternative means of electronic media, including educational media, home video release, World Wide Web and CD-ROM.

Nomination: A detailed review of the nominee’s work, a biographical sketch and six copies each of the published works being submitted, or for the broadcast category, radio cassettes/CDs or VHS cassettes accompanied by a typed or printed transcripts are requested. Information about this award and its recipients will be disseminated widely throughout the journalism community. Questions can be directed to: 508-289-3340.

Deadline: August 1, 2002

Send entries to:

The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Award for Excellence in Ocean Science Journalism
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Fenno House MS#40
Woods Hole, MA 02543