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For ALVIN its 40 and 4,000 in 2004!

March 1, 2004

ALVIN, the nation’s only deep-diving human occupied submersible, will mark a number of milestones in 2004. In April, the sub, currently at work in the eastern Pacific, is expected to make Dive #4,000. In early June, the sub will celebrate its 40th anniversary serving the US ocean research community. Operated by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution since it was built in 1964, the three-person vehicle has carried thousands of scientists to the ocean floor to observe firsthand, collect samples and take photographs of a world few have seen before. Although none of its original pieces remain, ALVIN continues to be a workhorse of deep-sea exploration, currently making an average of 175 dives each year to depths of nearly 15,000 feet. For more information go to ALVIN home page.