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Abrupt Climate Change Brought to Public Attention in Hollywood Movie

May 28, 2004

The movie The Day After Tomorrow, released today by 20th Century Fox, paints a dramatic picture of the effects of climate change – and raises questions about the boundary between science and science fiction. How fast can Earth’s climate change? Will global warming raise sea level and flood coastal cities? If our climate cools, will it spawn an “ice age” in our lifetimes?

Drawing on diverse scientific expertise, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution has prepared a summary of some of the latest scientific thinking about climate change and some of the questions raised by the movie.   For further information go to the Ocean and Climate Change Institute’s Web site.

The Institution’s Ocean and Climate Change Institute has considerable information about climate change in general, and a number of recent research papers published by Institution staff have been highlighted in the media section of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution’s Web site.