Alvin Specifications


Length: 7 meters (23.1 feet)
Breadth: 2.6 meters (8.4 feet)
Height: 3.68 meters (12.1 feet)
Operating Depth: 4,500 meters
Normal Dive Duration: 6-10 hours
Gross Weight: 20.4 metric tons
Science Basket Payload: 181.4 kilograms (400 pounds)
Personnel Sphere Volume: 4.8 cubic meters

5 viewports: 3 forward (7” dia.), 2 side (5” dia.)

Electrical Power
2 banks of lead-acid batteries, each 120 V, 125 AH

Redundant acoustic telephones (voice or code)
Marine band (VHF) radio
Sound-powered phone

2 Insite Mini Zeus HD cameras with individual pan and tilt
2 Kongsberg OE14-522 pan/tilt/zoom HD cameras near viewports
Additional situational cameras available
Three 7” HD LCD flat panel displays for in-hull viewing
HD video recorders
Optional HD video/still frame camera for mounting on manipulator
Hand-held digital still and video cameras

12 lighting channels
Multiple positionable LED lamps
Situational and emergency lighting
Down-looking survey lighting
Lasers for optical size reference

7 thrusters
Forward, reverse, lateral capability
Auto heading, altitude and depth

Vehicle Sensors
Fiber-optic gyrocompass: Octans or PHINS
Redundant depth sensors

Acoustic Sensors
Reson SeaBat 7125 dual frequency multibeam seafloor profiling sonar
Imagenex 881 profiling sonar
Tritech Seaking S8540 dual frequency scanning sonar

Dedicated in-hull navigation with touch screen display
Bottom tracking Doppler velocity log
Auxiliary long baseline acoustic navigation system
Sonardyne Homer Pro location beacons

Schilling Titan 4: 7 degrees of freedom
ISE: 6 degrees of freedom
Sample storage: Forward 16 sq. ft. sample basket with payload of 181 kg (400 lbs)
Elevator sampler (mission configurable):
    Free ascent
    Payload: 90 kg (200 lbs.)
Scientific sampling devices: Water samplers, tube corers and bio boxes

Scientific Instrumentation Support
Power: 12, 24 and 120 VDC switched circuits available
Hydraulics: 6 available hydraulic circuits
Digital sensor interface
Intergated data system
In-sphere laptop computers